What type of design / art have you focused on most recently?

Most recently, my design/art focus has been queued in on composition. This really applies to all of my outlets of design. I have been focused on the way a form of art as well as almost anything is presented because I believe it has a profound effect on the way the viewer relates or analyzes that form. For me, my compositional challenges have stemmed from my website portfolio which i am in the process of creating. I want to be able to successfully communicate my interests from furniture design and working with tangible objects, to painting/pencil work, to graphic design, and finally cinematography. Not really sure yet where i’ll pursue with everything but we’ll see. 


What are you listening to this week?

Interestingly enough, I recently discovered that I actually have a secret heart for classical music. From the greats like Beethoven, of course, to modern day fluid tracks like Gymnopedie No. 1, Enfants d’un reve, and Le silence éternal. I find myself digging deeper into discography’s i can’t even pronounce. Pheobe Bridgers latest studio album also struck me as unique and engulfing, as it took me on a roller coaster ride of emotion on my first full listen. These tracks feel so filled to the brim with emotions that it almost seeps out of my speakers. I want to say she finds a lot of her influence in this work from Elliot Smith, and i love it. I also actually loved the new Strokes, which is a nice relief (Brooklyn Bridge woooo). Obviously there’s always the cure and the smiths, which have been on my weekly listens since i was 15, so that’s nothing new. 

If you could have coffee with anyone who would It be?

wow... dead or alive?

Well i guess dead i can’t even fathom. I think i’d say Dylan Rieder, Ian Curtis, or Basquiat for dead. Shit i don’t know. Fictional would be Tommy Shelby for sure. Alive i think i might say Leo Dicaprio. yeah he’s a great actor and i got questions about that, but the man lives breathes shits and pisses environmentalism. Lastly, Peter Saville. This is an incredibly difficult question for me hahahah. 

Skating or Surfing. Only one. Rest of your life. .. ?

Easily skateboarding. Surfing needs waves just to be able to do it and i can skate almost anywhere anytime i want. I do love surfing, but i feel like the surf community kind of sucks sometimes and I just love almost everything about skateboarding and the community. No brainer. 

Do you believe in luck?

Definitely. I think it’s naive to say luck doesn’t exist based on the mere fact there are like 24 million people starving to death is Yemen right now and nothing but luck separates you from being where you are right now and being born in Yemen. From a chase your dreams point of view, I believe luck is in full effect too. I think ‘stereotypical success’ is just a potion of hard work and luck. I also think if you manifest your thoughts you can create that reality so i guess it all intertwines.

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Eden Kearl
Eden Kearl

March 15, 2023

Nice pics bro, I tracked you down on my school computer.


March 25, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Aaron Hennings
Aaron Hennings

September 25, 2020

Well done Weston. this is incredible. so proud of you. see you soon in SC


August 04, 2020

Definitely gotta agree with what he said about skating. I believe that if you’re a skater, that totally makes you a creative as well (especially if you skate streets) because if you see a spot and you think about being able to skate it, you’re just as a photographer that has the “eye” to see something dope to photograph.

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