Where do you seek inspiration for your style?

I love Classy y2k & 90s fashion magazines.

How do you see Tik Tok playing into the fashion world?

Tik Tok is a very universal platform that gives a lot of different types of people opportunity to "blow up." Within the fashion scene on Tik Tok there is a place for everyone no matter what your style is. I think this has given a lot of people with unique style the chance to not only inspire but also be inspired by others.

One outfit for the rest of your life: 1,2,3 go!

- Baggy low waisted jeans

- White baby tee

- My brown J1s

- Black shoulder purse 

Toe thumbs or no thumbs. Like would you rather have no thumbs or stubby thumbs?

Hahahaha I have stubby thumbs already so I-

Do you believe in Luck?

Yes, good and bad. I believe that the energy you put out determines the type of "luck" you will receive.

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brody ellis
brody ellis

July 27, 2020

love these!! keep them comin!!

Brandon Usmany
Brandon Usmany

July 27, 2020

The trucker hats go hella hard! & tote bags are iconic.

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